A few things we’re great at


Let Call Assistant take your calls while you read what the caller is saying in realtime and later decide if you want to answer the call


Put callers on hold and select what music you want callers to listen from Spotify


Block calls from selected numbers and allow Call Assistant to automatically block numbers that have been marked as Spam


Call Assistant allows extensive personalisation of the assistant for your own needs

Google Play

Great app! I was getting constantly called by spam callers and since I’m expecting a lot of calls from school, family, and friends it helped a lot to have something to actually find out if they were bots or not

Google Play

I have fallen in love this app. Its amazing and fun. Works perfectly. Customer support is responsive when you have trouble. Keep up the awesome work.

Google Play

Yes! Finally an app that gives me control over spammers!

Call Assistant for iOS

Call Assistant is also available on iPhone with limited functionality due to iOS restrictions